Kawaii Mipopo !!

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img183/106/1961tw7.gif Mipo (Miho Ishigami) de Ranzuki. img299/6838/komono1pointo021rp6.gif



Je trouve ces photos très kawaii. J'adore les tenues "lapin" et "chat" de JSG. ^^



img183/106/1961tw7.gif  img299/6838/komono1pointo021rp6.gif  img183/106/1961tw7.gif  img299/6838/komono1pointo021rp6.gif  img183/106/1961tw7.gif  img299/6838/komono1pointo021rp6.gif   img183/106/1961tw7.gif  img299/6838/komono1pointo021rp6.gif   img183/106/1961tw7.gif  img299/6838/komono1pointo021rp6.gif   img183/106/1961tw7.gif  img299/6838/komono1pointo021rp6.gif

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youness 10/08/2007 14:10

waw ton blog super cool alors simon blog   www.muisc.skyblo.com

Lin-chan / Ari 26/06/2007 21:25

t'as raison, trop kawaiiii *__*[c'est grave j'ai l'impression que tout ce que j'écris c'est "trop kawaii ou trop choupii" XD]

Serena 30/05/2007 22:11

Hello! This is the first time I place a comment on your blog,I check it a lot, just for fashion inspiration! ^_^I only watch the pictures because i'm Dutch and my french isreally bad :(I LOOOOVE the hoody with the bunny ears, with cat ears too,do you know an online store who sells this??I hope you can help me,you can email me back if you want,hugs and xxxSerena

Prinsex 29/05/2007 14:11

Elle est aaaarchi kawaii sur la photo ou elle est le hoodie JSG rose *-*

Prinsex 29/05/2007 14:10

OMG LES TIMBALAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
archi cute on her *-* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!